Shooting ranges in New Jersey?
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Where in New Jersey (or just over the PA border) can an adult and a fifteen year old go, rent some rifles/pistols, and do some shooting?

The kid has never shot before, so I'm looking for stationary targets, and I'm absolutely not looking for LIVING targets. I've used some weapons before in the Army, but am a bit out of practice, so I'd need a place that at the least will have someone experienced who is able to go over the basic rules and safety beforehand for the kid (and for me).

Variety of weaponry to try would be a plus. WOuld be nice to see my old friend, the M16/AR15 again, but that'd just be gravy. I'd also rather not bankrupt myself in the process.
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(by the way, I did see this, but the "solution" there was skeet shooting, and there is still the 15-year old issue)
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I'd go to a place that sells guns in your area, and ask them the same thing. Or just call.
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My dad and I have had good experiences at Sunset Hill Shooting Range in the Poconos over the years. Might be a little far for you, but they do rent a variety of firearms and require a short safety training before they let you on the range.
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Hm. Except for it being 2 hours away, Sunset Hill looks perfect. If I can't find closer with the selection and safety stuff, it's the grudging winner. :-)
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Jersey is incredibly tight on gun restrictions. It would be easier to find a friend who owns a gun and gun club membership than to find a club that will rent you a gun. I think PA is your ticket. Good luck. Don't dismiss skeet though, it is a blast. ;)
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Just an update: went to Sunset Hill, and had a great time.

Good safety, good instructors, good variety. Not cheap, but still well worth it, even with the road trip.

Thanks to all, and thanks to you, jesseenoonan.
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Glad you liked it. I was up at our family's place a few miles from there this weekend. Probably heard you while I was sitting out on the porch...
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