Where on the internet can I purchase unique screenprinted tshirts and sweatshirts?
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Where on the internet can I purchase well designed and unique tshirts and zippered hoodies?

I'm a big fan of printed tshirts, I make my own and have always prefered my own prints due to their uniqueness, but I like other peoples prints too! Can you recommend me some good, yet not hugely expensive sites which sell well printed tshirts and hoodies?

I'm mainly into punk and rock type stuff, but pop cultural references are great. Currently I'm looking at asofterworlds t-shirts, especially the zombie one. I'm a big fan of Illicit Streetwear but it's almost a uniform on the streets around Auckland and they're stupidly expensive ($120 retail when I was ordering the same for $15 manufacturing cost), so I'm looking far and wide for unique and creative printed sweatshirts, bonus points if they're zippered. I'm a regular reader of The Journal of T-Shirt Culture, but looking for online sources.

International shipping would be a requirement too...!
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I'm not sure if these sites cater to your exact tastes but they do have some cool t-shirts.

The t-shirt section of uncrate has some nice stuff.

The t-shirt section of Josh Spear also has some good ideas.


Kindred Market
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Threadless! You can even submit your own designs if you think we'll like them.
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Best answer: Amphoria Apparel--support a fellow Mefite!
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http://preshrunk.info/ a blog of interesting shirts
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Response by poster: B-squared - I was looking at threadless last night actually, but seems they get snapped up quick so I will probably bookmark it and check back regularly. There were a few designs in the archives which I like but they were out of print.

LarryC - Those are just genius, especially "Fucking Pterodactyls", definitly buying a few of those.

great links so far :)
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Best answer: Some random places - haven't checked them for international shipping, and prices definitely vary.

Buy Olympia - on sale!
Little Otsu
Mission Playground
Upper Playground
Taylor Made Clothes

And I really have to have one of those Fucking Pterodactyl shirts!
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I subscribe to the daily email from Digital Gravel. Their stuff tends towards the hip-hop style, which may not be your bag, but there's some definite gems that come through there.
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I don't mean to suggest that hip-hop style in general is gemless; far from it! I meant more that some of the stuff they sell has a broader appeal.
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T Critic is a blog that gives you this advice and also details the burgeoning battle royale between Threadless and Design by Humans.
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Check out eastwest
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Yay, LarryC was already kind enough to mention my site, so I'll just add that I'm fond of another "depository" quite similar to T-critic: T-Roundup
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(note: kind of expensive, sorry. Missed that.)
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If you're into punk rock/street style, let me pimp Soule (Flickr) - I love her stencils et al, and she will print up most of her designs on most American Apparel t-shirts/hoodies of your choice for a reasonable price (payment via paypal, so it's safe and secure). I just sent her $65 US to get this on the BACK of a hoodie and while it's obviously going to take longer than the average order, it will be completely unique and she ships internationally (I live in the UK).

There are a lot of artists that use Flickr to help promote/sell their art. Trawling any group related to stencils/stickers/street art in general might turn up some real unique finds.
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I'm a little late here, but Oddica has some lovely shirts and zippered hoodies.
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