Where to stay with infant in NYC?
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Need recommendations for NYC hotels that are suitable for a baby boy (~10 months), his mom and his grandparents. Should be clean, safe and not too expensive. Ideas? (Asking for a friend).
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Try going through quikbook and checking out the Affinia Hotel. My husband and I loved the location, it wasn't extremely expensive at all, and there's a club room with free hot coffee and tea, etc.
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NY Magazine just out has the top seven hotels in NYC under $200. They list the Hampton Inn Times Sq. as family friendly. Personally, I find a larger room the key factor, as we all sleep better if baby Cocoa is slightly out of sight when we put him to bed. Given that, I'd be pretty willing to try their #1 choice, the Hyatt Regency Jersey City, since the rooms might be bigger and I had no idea it was so close. I recently stayed at the Soho Grande thinking it would be a good set up for kids, but it was just eh. The location worked for my needs but the room wasn't as large as expected and they don't have an actual lobby, but rather a lounge that you're only allowed into if you're ordering drinks or appetizers. I rely on a lobby for some extended roaming and it cramped my style not to have one.

I find tripadvisor.com good for narrowing down these sorts of choices since they have actual feedback and a category of family friendly.
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See also the B&B Option (though this doesn't really address the infant factor).
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#7 in cocoagirl's linked list - The Pod. I've recommended it to a number of friends who have come into town and they've all reported back positive.
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