Wireless Networking Standard With Higher Frequency Than Cordless Phones?
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80211b vs 80211g: According to my research, both are using the 2.4ghz freq as are cordless telephones. Isn't there a wireless networking standard that uses higher frequencies so that there's no interference from cordless phones?
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I had that problem, then bought this. No more problem. Phone and wireless can be used at the same time, even though the phone is 2.4 one way and 5.8 another.
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802.11a is up in the 5-GHz range.
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Response by poster: thx 2 u both
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Also, neither the 802.11 nor the phone are going to be taking up the entire band (it's about 80 MHz wide).
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Your microwave oven is a much bigger threat to your wireless connection than your cordless phone. I have a set of Panasonic 2.4 GHz phones -- no problem with WiFi at all.
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With XP? Everytime I call out on the phone near the computer XP claims my Wifi connection is gone (which leads to the ironic situation where I can't be on the phone and the Internet at the same time in spite of a broadband connection). I can get the connection back by opening "View Available Wireless Networks" and refreshing a few times until it reconnects.

AFAIK, it's an XP-only issue, resulting from XP's idiotic handling of wireless connections: anything thta interrupts for a split-second is handled as a lost connection.
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Ooooh. I'll bet that's why I lose connection: probably a neighbour in my condo complex has a 2.4 phone.

The next question, naturally, is whether there's a replacement for XP's idiotic software...
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Of course, there are also 900-MHz cordless phones (supposedly poorer signal quality, but mine sounds fine), and for that matter, I'm pretty sure there are 5.8 GHz models.
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Exactly why I got 900 MHz phones :) They work fine...now if only my apartment wiring was better...
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