What communities let me set up my blog posts to appear automatically?
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I have three blogs. What communities will allow me to automatically send new blog entries to the community--say in a journal form?

One of my blogs is geared towards Moms and families (Mommy blog). I belong to a "Mom" community which allows me to set up my blog so that each new post appears automatically in my journal there (updated daily). In this way, my community friends know when I have made a new post that interests them. My other two blogs deal with relationships and gaming respectively. Anyone know of communities I can join which will allow me similar functionality? In addition, any other Mom communities besides Maya's Moms that will let me do this?
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Couldn' t you do that with LiveJournal? If all three blogs were on that system, then one of them could list the other two as "friends", and then the "recent posts by friends" page would do what you're talking about.
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Well, I probably could, but I'm with Blogger at the moment.
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There are a number of RSS mixing and republishing tools like FeedDigest (trial + pay-for) and FeedTwister (free) that let you take multiple RSS feeds then republish them into a blended automatically updating block. They use JavaScript so you can paste the code into your sidebar, etc, and have links to fresh content from all of your blogs across each site. It's not the same as full republishing, but it might give the same benefit.
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