Don't want to work... want to get paid for chatting instead!
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Anyone know of any good internet based IM sites...

My friend is leaving work in a few weeks, and as he is up to date with all his deadlines he has not a lot to do about the office. He is wanting to chat with friends online but most of the IM based websites he tries are blocked by the I.T department (fun ruining scum they are).

We have tried the obvious ones that show on google when searched for example emessenger and meebo but to no avail.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Maybe the chat client built into Gmail?
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Has he tried Meebo?
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Response by poster: Yep meebo is blocked!
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2nding the gmail chat. However, it's blocked at my work, so it may be at yours too.
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OKcupid has IM. You can only IM other OKcupid users though, of course.

Also, maybe some of the browser-based clients here will work? Can you provide any details as to what methods they use to block various IM clients and websites?
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Sorry about that...missed the fact that you mentioned Meebo in the OP.

I'm assuming if Meebo is blocked, KoolIM won't work either?
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Also, you might try some of the methods described here or here. As the author mentions though, unless your IT department... well, sucks, you might not have much luck. Probably a better chance than trying every single IMing webapp out there though.
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Response by poster: I do not work at the same place as my friend so would not be able to tell you what methods they use to block websites.

What i can say though is that i know they will sometimes let you use certain websites ie facebook, but will not let you use all the applications on there.

I am not very computer savy but i am guessing that it must be quite a good blocker thingy they use if it can do this?
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Here's a java, in-browser IM client.
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Haha. I'm also not as computer savvy as I'm trying to make myself out to be. But the problem is I don't think it is all that hard to block specific widgets/apps/objects/whatever on websites is that hard to do, if one is minimally savvy as far as IT folk go, and is willing to put in more than the very minimal amount of effort. Since they are not just blocking specific URLs, but rather allowing some of them, but not all of their content, that probably rules out option #1 in that second link. It also means your friend's IT department probably is not completely incopetent. Maybe they haven't pulled out all the stops though, who knows? But I guess the only way to find out is to try. Also, to help in your quest, I googled for things like " proxy server, proxy, IM, jabber, xmpp, 'at work', browser, block, blocked, bypass". Try various different combinations of these search terms, and other similar ones you can think of. Maybe you'll come up with something. (Also, this is not meant as a scolding for not trying google first, just advice on what might be helpful for techniques more advanced that just trying all the IM webapps out there).

Also, calling all people who are more savvy with the internets than I. Am I completely off base with any of this? Please let us know. I'm just doing my best, which is not a whole lot.
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VPN to his home computer, run the client on there?
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Response by poster: VPN to his home computer, run the client on there?

No idea what this even means.... Sorry!!!
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Try ICQ's web client. I think they're calling it ICQ to Go.
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If he's looking for a web-based chat client simply because he can't install anything, have him try Portable Apps. They are portable (meaning nothing gets installed anywhere except the folder you specify), easy to uninstall (simply delete the folder), and aren't affected by windows xp's security settings for not allowing installs.
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TightVNC lets you remotely control another computer.

He just needs to tell the IT guys that he needs to VPN to his home computer and will they open the port for it.

Done....and done.
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