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I've been trying really hard to find this commercial for a long time with no luck. It is from the late nineties I think and it is most likely a cereal commercial. Description: A guy is eating cereal but his long hair keeps falling in the bowl, so he goes to the bathroom and bends over as if he's eating cereal. He cuts his hair so that it won't fall in bowl anymore. Then he goes back and eats cereal without hair in the way. The song playing in the background has lyrics that go: "The time has come for us to say 'sayonara.'" Anyone remember this? Have links to commercial or song? Any info would help.
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Best answer: No idea about the commercial.

Is this the song (though it says "the time has come for me to say 'sayonara')?
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I vaguely recall this ad, and the other one where the slacker dudes wake up early, eat the cereal, and go back to sleep. This article discusses the slacker ad, not the one you describe. But I'm pretty sure it was part of the same campaign.
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Just on the off chance it might help: There's a Midnight Oil song called Beds are Burning that got huge play, with the lyrics "The time has come to say 'fairs fair'; To pay the rent, now to pay our share". The way the singer says "fair's fair" might be mistakable for "sayonara". The video I linked has all the lyrics for karaoke, but man, some of them I could never make out.
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Woo - this article "preview" gives the first half of a sentence describing your ad. I can't get the rest of the article though.
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Best answer: The commercial was made by the J Walter Thompson agency and was called "Haircut", if that's any help.
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The agency site doesn't host any Kellogg commercials, just to save you the trouble. Youtube doesn't have the commercial either.
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Best answer: I doubt you want to pay $39 for the privilege of watching it, but here it is if you do.

I couldn't find any youtube-ish versions of it, unfortunately.
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Response by poster: Whether or not we spend the 39 dollars on this, thanks, you've been a great help.
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Best answer: Yeah I knew we had it. Here is the link to the file (8 MB mpeg video). I'll keep the link active for a few days. Enjoy!
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Excellent, and the song is actually called Japanese Farewell Song.
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Now I'm stuck wondering if I should pay the $39 to see my favorite commercial of all time, the Miller Lite "Trucker" commercial, with the ventriloquist's dummy. I saw it once, and I don't know how it could possibly be as funny as I remember, but I burst out laughing at random for weeks after I saw it. is a great find, you guys.
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