What's the name of the piece of music at 12:29 in TempBot?
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What is the piece of music used at 12:29 in the Neill Blomkamp short "Tempbot," at around 12:29? (link to the short movie within)

It's a melancholic piece for strings... I know I have heard it in a mainstream feature film, but I can't for the life of me remember what film it was in.

It's not Steve Reich, it's not Philip Glass (as far as I am familiar). I have written to TenMusic (the providers of the original music for the short, but of course, no reply). I sincerely hope someone can help. Thank you.

Since the MeFi link to Tempbot is dead, here's a direct link to the movie on the web: Tembot (mov) The piece of music is at 12:29, if your player doesn't have elapsed time, fast forward to when you see the sign in the office "COFFEE 50ยข per cup..."

Here's the previous metafilter post containing Blomkamp's TempBot and others: Do Androids Dream of Light Clerical Duty
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It's The Gravel Road by James Newton Howard, from the The Village soundtrack. Video.
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driveler, thank you so much! This question has been bugging me ever since the original MeFi posting.
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I jumped at the chance to answer this question as I was the guy the music agency assigned the job to. Being able to provide an AskMeta answer as an "insider" seems so cool.

Alas, the version of the film you linked to uses the music they originally selected, before Ten was even brought in. I'm guessing my version was only used for festivals and other situations where the music needed to be licensed.
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yorick, I'd love to watch and hear the film with your score / music... any links you provie would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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