[AustinFilter] What are your favorite places to work from in Austin?
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I'll soon be telecommuting, but I'd rather not work from home all the time. Being in Austin, of course, we've got hundreds of places with WI-FI access. What are some of the best places to sit and work in Austin? I would need network access (free or paid) and access to an outlet for my laptop. I don't spend much time on the phone, so I don't need privacy for conference calls, etc.
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Green Muse Cafe' on Oltorf near S. First is great -- good coffee and there's access to an outlet from everywhere in the place. Beautiful back patio, too.

Irie Bean on S. Lamar also has a good patio and is usually pretty quiet.

Rockin' Tomato ($5 pitchers of Lone Star and yummy yummy pizza!) on S. Lamar has free wifi, but outlets are sometimes hard to find.

Summermoon Coffee on S. First near Lightsey is awesome and the Moonmilk Latte is fabulous.

I will think some more!
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Only been a couple of times, but Thunderbird Coffee up on 2222 is a good place to do some work.
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Progress Coffee (5th and San Marcos) is explicitly welcoming to people who want to sit and work, although the menu is somewhat limited (they do have great salsa, though). Genuine Joe, on Anderson Lane near Burnet, is comfortable (broken-in couches and chairs) and relaxed -- and I hear that now you can buy Goldfish crackers by the mugful, which would greatly improve my work situation. Both places have free wi-fi and outlets readily available.
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Austin Java is a good place to work from. There's also a list of places at AustinWirelessCity.
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Those are all great ideas - you've all mentioned places that I hadn't considered.
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My friends are huge Spider House fans -- although I've never actually used WiFi there I'm sure they have it.
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If you're on the east side, Dandelion Cafe on East 11th is wonderful (assuming they're still open, that is--the website is down). Good food, good coffee, beer and wine available, free wireless, usually quiet during the afternoon. Also: Clementine on Manor and JP's Java just north of campus--I remember JP's having some lovely power outlets scattered around their deck. And if you're at JP's and you want a change of atmosphere, the Posse East is across the street and has wireless as well.
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Seconding Spider House and Progress Coffee.

Little City on Congress is great, too. I also like Mozart's on Lake Austin.
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Second Genuine Joe's!!
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