Search and replace in MySQL
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MySQL: How do I search and replace a value in a table under certain conditions:

Record belongs to tables "pages_language_overlay" or "tt_content", need to change the value "sys_language_uid" from 2 to 3 (only when it's == 2 in the first place).
This is for a LAMP + Typo3-based website, and I can do this via phpmyadmin or PuTTY.
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This should help
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I'm in a generous mood... (off the top of my head, hopefully there's no obvious mistakes)

UPDATE pages_language_overlay SET sys_language_uid='3' WHERE sys_language_uid='2';
UPDATE tt_content SET sys_language_uid='3' WHERE sys_language_uid='2';
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You also might be interested in case statements.
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This seems so simple that I'm inclined to read more into it. What does Record belongs to tables "pages_language_overlay" or "tt_content" mean? "Or"?
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cmiller: no, it is so simple.
You're all winners in my book, but cgg went the extra 1.6 Km, so...
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