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Would you help me find a duvet cover please?

I've been sleeping in my mismatched bedding for a while now, and somehow in the midst of moves I also lost a sheet. So am looking to make my bed nice and comfortable and pleasing to the eye and fun to sleep in again.

So I have a plan that looks awesome in my head, but am having trouble finding the right duvet cover.

Requirements: Red (not pinkish, not burgandy, but red red), cotton, solid (no patterns at all), none of this sateen, two-hue, semi-stripe deal, full-queen. Preferably not too expensive.

I'd be willing to sew two flat sheets together to make this happen, but trying to avoid buying a set and storing/paying for extra linens.

Can you help me find a basic, solid, awesomely red duvet? I am having a had time.

Thank you.
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Would this be what you are looking for? I don't know if they have the shade of red you are looking for, but there are other places to look.
posted by procrastination at 1:27 PM on July 19, 2007

$62.99 for this one (scroll down). I like The Company Store, they have good return policies.
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The Company Store in "cardinal."
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(Jinx, Jess!)
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Wait, why not sateen? It's just a treatment of cotton. I can only imagine you've seen this at BBBY, but having done many a search for duvet covers, it's not the easiest to find.

Sure, it's sateen, but I bet it's the closest you'll find, having checked Linens N' Things, Bluefly, Ikea, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Horchow, etc. Have you checked out department stores?
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What about these?
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Wow, thanks for the suggestions!

- Procrastination: unfortunately, the color looks a bit faded in that one - I want vibrant, bold, baby!

- Jessamyn & Sweetie: Those look promising, thanks!!

- McKenny: I think I see sateen and think, it's a little shiny and fancy for my liking. I dunno, I'm strange I suppose? Will look at Horchow, thanks; tried the rest, prognosis negative.

- Special K: Will check it out, thanks!
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I think sateen is kind of creepy, personally. It's shiny and weird to the touch...
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Is it me, or are duvet covers really bloody expensive in the US? IKEA has affordable cotton ones, but they're only cheap if you're close to an IKEA. (And IKEA doesn't have plain red, alas.)
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Amazon has some good and cheap ones (< $30). search for duvet cover size>".
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Just FYI, sateen is not the same thing as satin.
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Ikea definitely has plain red, even a nice bloody "porno red" color. It might not be in the catalog, but some stores definitely have it. Fabrics and such, they vary a lot from store to store. Phone one.

I, um... have it on good authority! :)
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