Is there anything to do in Hilton Head, SC if you're NOT into golf or tennis?
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Is there anything awesome to do in Hilton Head, SC for someone that's not interested in golf, or tennis, and who is well... not retried?

Alright, so I've searched a few results, and found mixed answers to my quandry. I'll be in Hilton Head this weekend, as a mini vacation.. Long story how it ended up being there, but nonetheless. I'm looking for something cool to do in HH, or even around SC, since I'm going there and like I said, not interested in the golf scene. I'm young and single and love a great bar or place to relax at, so I'm open to suggestions! I'm also a history buff, so that might be something to consider as well if there's some cool historical things around the area that I can do when I'm not on the beach. Bonus if they're single-person friendly, as I'll be on a solo adventure!
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Obviously, many of the restaurants in town are fabulous. But if I were there for a weekend, I'd rent a bike and explore the island. The sand on Hilton Head is hard enough that you can actually ride your bike on the beach; in addition, there is a whole network of bike trails that go through each of the plantations.

There's also other water stuff: parasailing, waverunners, boat trips/fishing trips, etc.
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I haven't been to Hilton Head in years, and I'm not sure if they're still there, but there used to be two badass arcades. I know that old school arcades are on the decline in general, and perhaps aren't your cup of tea, but I have some fond memories of whiling away the hours on various and sundry glow boxes.

With respect to restaurants, I'd like to plug Kurama if you're into sushi or teppanyaki. I've never eaten at the Hilton Head Kurama, but it's a chain of 4 restaurants, all family owned. I worked at the Chapel Hill restaurant for several years in college.
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Restaurants there indeed kick ass.

Go clamming.

Play with the crocodiles.

When I was there, I went to a few museums but it was definitely underwhelming. There's a lot of good strolling along the 'shores.
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Take a wee trip to Savannah and go on an historic Ghost Walk/Tour.
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For history, take a short drive to Savannah, Georgia and take a bus tour.
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Or, what Sassyfras said.
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Restaurants i'd recommend are Red Fish (cuban fusian), and santa fe (south western), taste of thai, and charlies. not sure on the bar scene, but shelter cove and harbor town are two of the more centralized shopping type areas and both have a number of places which always seemed packed at sunset.

You can do things like a kayak tour or learn to wind sail, there are dolphin viewing boats all over, Savannah is only about an hour by car and there is a ferry from Shelter Cove, Savannah is packed with historic type things. Near by Defuski Island has a historic light house and I think a tour that talks about the "gulah" population of mostly escaped or freed slaves who lived on the island.

There is nature preserve in Sea Pines plantation that has a horse back ride and Sea Pines also has some historic markers and ruins of an early settlement.

Shopping is big with mini-mall style shops all over and an outlet center just off the island. & I'll second the beach and bike trails.
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Check out Coastal Discovery for historical tours of the area. The area history from the Civil War (especially Mitchelville) is interesting.
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(I resent the implication one has to be retired to enjoy golf.)

If you're into food, I'm sure you could find some quality gastronomical experiences.
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i racked up the last time i was there.
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Response by poster: * Guys you all rock! Thanks for your replies, I'll definitely look into it. I'm just having to get things in order and would like a bit of a game plan before I get there.

(as for having to be retired to play golf, that's def. not the case... I just feel like a no-golf trip is what I want this time :)
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Response by poster: (oh, and clarify it more so, I've been to Savannah and Tybee plenty of times, and I'm... all out of Savannah, ha.)
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I grew up going to Edisto Island, just up the coast, and now take my family there. On our last trip, the Edisto Serpentarium was a big hit, if you are into creepy crawly things. There is a nice interpretive center at the state park on Edisto, as well. Beaufort is also a potential source of things to do.
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