Forgotten saxaphone shlock jazz hit from the disco era
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Earworm: Please identify the song title and artist responsible for a soaring, saxophone driven instrumental hit popular on FM radio sometime in the 1978-1981 time frame. My best guess is this hit rode on the coattails of "Feels So Good". Unlike that happy hit, the song I am seeking had a more dramatic, soaring crescendo, ideal for sailing boats or, well, sailing boats.
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Could you be meaning "Going Home" by Mark Knopler - used as the theme music for the movie "Local Hero". It was also used for some sailing connected TV at the time as well if I remember rightly (sax starts about 2/3 into youtube clip as linked).
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Not an instrumental, but the first thing that comes to mind is "Baker Street" (1978) by Gerry Rafferty. Clip available on amazon page here.
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Also: youtube of whole track.
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Are you positive it was an instrumental?

I immediately thought of The One You Love, but that has lyrics.
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Any chance it was a tv theme instead of a single?
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"Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty. That's it, and it's not an instrumental at all. Thanks for solving a riddle that has plagued me on and off for a couple of years.
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This question has been asked twice before. Not saying that you should definitely would have been able to find past instances via the search, maybe just wondering if you did search at all. Sorry if that sounds pissy and passive agressive, it's not meant to be, I'm genuinely curious.

Also, I think Matt should consider adding a "If you're what that song with the soaring sax part is, it's Baker Street" note to the AskMe posting page.
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Could be Give It All You Got, also Mangione. Or maybe "Rise" (Alpert), but that's a trumpet. Or "Morning Dance".

On preview: aargh! We need a line on the question posting page: "Is your question about a song prominently featuring the saxophone? Then it's probably 'Baker Street'. "
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We really ought to add this question to the FAQ.
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Huh. I've heard that song a billion times, too and never knew what it was. I like the vocal a lot, but find the sax extremely irritating. Ruins the song for me.
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If this makes the FAQ or posting page, then my work here is done. That guitar solo at the end, it rages.
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