Which digital camera has these three characteristics?
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Does this camera exist? If not, what comes closest? Slim, lightweight digital camera that 1) can be set to do exposure bracketing of every shot, 2) uses either full-size SD or CF cards [not Memory Sticks], and 3) has an internal battery that charges via a standard mini-USB jack.
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I don't know about the charging via USB cable, but most digital cameras more than $100 will do exposure bracketing.

Here's a very thin camera that does exposure bracketing, uses SD, and has a USB charging feature. Sounds like everything you need.
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Pretty much all of the Cannon SD (Digital ELPH) range match your description.
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Of course, I meant to link to the Samsung NV10 in my post above.

Apparently this camera also does text recognition on photos, so if you take a picture of a page of a book, it will recognize and convert the page to text. I don't know how useful this is, but it is cool.
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The Samsung looks great except it's above my price limit, which (as I should have mentioned) is more like 250-ish than 400-ish.

Thanks public -- I'm looking at the specs for a few lower-end ELPH models and so far I can't see if they charge over USB. I will keep looking but do you happen to know any model numbers that definitely do?
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I haven't had a camera yet that charges via USB (and it annoys me to no end) - including my Canon SD450... but your mileage may vary.
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It looks like none of the ELPHs charge over USB.

The Samsung NV10 does charge over USB and do exposure bracketing.
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I don't think many cameras charge via USB; USB ports don't offer a ton of power.
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(Also meant to add that the NV10 is not that much more expensive than the cheapest current ELPH.)
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Exposure compensation is not the same thing as automatic exposure bracketing. My wife's canon SD600 does the former and not the latter, and I believe the same is true for most of the rest of the line.
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The Samsung NV10 can be had for just over $200. Amazon and froogle are your friends.
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Updating, I got my NV10 in the mail and it seems like an excellent solution all around. It feels excellent in the hand and it appears to be extremely solid, well-made and durable. Unlike many reviewers, I love the menu system and I can only wish my other gadgets would follow suit with such a flexible, unique way of getting around all the options. This is perfect, thank you again metafilter...
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