I have money, I need an inspirational video ASAP!
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Where can I purchase an inspirational training video in Austin or Dallas Texas? It's last minute and I need one quick! (Normally I would order something from one of a dozen websites I have found).

The video I am thinking of is: Who Says We Can't Do It? with Lance Armstrong. I'm ok with either renting or buying it. (Yes, these types of videos are very expensive, but I have the budget for it!).

Is there a place I can pick this up ASAP? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Is there not some kind of store for this sort of thing??? Help!
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I bet you can rent it at I Luv Video on Guadalupe.

2915 Guadalupe St
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 236-0759
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Response by poster: I should probably add that what I am seeking is a professionally produced training video. These are specialty videos produced to teach a specific topic to a group. Usually they are short in length and high on cost ($300-$1500 a pop).
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Wow. A quick google tells me little else about this video that you seek other than it's short, produced in 2002, and insanely expensive. If you don't mind my asking, what's the big deal?

As far as Dallas goes the main two bike shops that you may want to contact are Richardson Bike Mart or Wheels In Motion. If they don't have it, they may be able to tip you off where to locate it.
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How about this from Marcus Buckingham:

I have read his books...highly recommended. Maybe you can spend the remainder of your budget on books for the group. This video is cheap!
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Response by poster: That is a great suggestion, Pinkleopard. Any idea where I can find this video today in Dallas or Austin?
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