How does one unsubscribe from Xbox Live?
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M$KafkaFilter - How does one unsubscribe from Xbox Live?

The only information I have is my credit card number.

I can't remember which email address or password I used, so I can't login on

I called the 1800. It's a VoicePrompt labyrinth! No humans.
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Do you still have the xbox connected to the net? You can get all of your account info from one of the console screens.

I canceled a few weeks ago and they needed my gamer tag as well as my billing address and (maybe or?) phone number to confirm that I was who i said I was.

I had to actually speak to a human being, and I don't recall it being too horrible to get to.
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I had to cancel my account while I was stationed here in South Korea... It was a major hassle, I had to navigate the mega-annoying voice recognition system, and I don't know if it was my connection or not (it's usually very reliable), but I got disconnected twice before I was able to finish a conversation with a live human being.

Also had to endure the asking of 'why are you cancelling, are you sure you want to cancel.. are you SURE? ARE YOU SURE?'.

No. I'm not sure. That's why I just spent all this time trying to cancel the damn thing.

Reading above, I wish I had had as easy of an experience as you did. It would've raised my opinion of Microsoft's customer service.

Again, as above said, make sure you have your gamertag, password, and your billing address handy. There's no way to cancel your account from the website anyways.
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I stopped the automatic renewal over the phone. IMO that's as good as canceling because if you want to use your acct again, you can just buy a month, 3, 6...etc.
Depending on your gamerscore, you may be able to sell it to some n00b on ebay :)
I don't know if that's against xbox lives TOS or EULA... probably is
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We called the 1-800 number and then pressed O for operator as soon as the bot came on and got a human right away. Try it.
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Get onto the Xbox itself and remove your account information, to prevent rebilling? It should cancel itself when it runs up..
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I tried and tried to cancel with no joy, and then my renewal came up... but I'd forgotten that I'd had my credit card replaced a while back. I then got a few snotty emails from them complaining that my service would be cancelled if I didn't give them my new details, so - yay! Result.

I couldn't figure out why they'd want me to continue to subscribe to XBL when I've only got a 1st generation XBox, and there's never anyone online for it, and there's no games or support for it. Stupid MS - did they think that because I'm paying for XBL that I'm more likely to upgrade to a 360? Duh?!

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