Name the artist's song/remix that was used to underscored this Brian Jennings basketball highlights music video?
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What artist's song/remix was used as an underscore in this Brian Jennings basketball highlight video?

Once again we are stumped at Beatking as to what music was used to underscore this music video of Brian Jennings' basketball highlights. Does anyone recognize the artist's song or remix that was used?
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I thought for a second some of the loops came from the same source as a loop in clubbed to death, but I'm not sure now. I get the nagging feeling I've heard the track as the soundtrack for a parkour video or movie.
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Did you email
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I tried to email him - but Youtube's email was screwed up; I will try it again, and thanx for reminding me.

I will check out Clubbed to Death, etc..

Thanx, Brother Caine.
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I emailed hoopmixtape, but he never responded ...
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