Scanning job application for editing?
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Is there a way to Scan a Job application via scanner then fill out the application with word or other word processors?

I have the worlds worst handwriting. I would like to scan a job application with my scanner and then type in the required information. Is this possible? I'd use a typewriter, but I don't have one laying around here. Any help would be appreciated.
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Best answer: Sure - scan it in, save it as a PDF, and open it using Foxit reader. Foxit is a program similar to Adobe reader, but it allows you to type on the pdf and then save or print it out.
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Response by poster: super fast. thanks a lot.
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Note that Foxit Reader will leave `watermarks' in your document. Adobe Pro... (whatever it's called) can remove them. I don't know if they will show up when you print it out.
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