Wordpress won't stop thinking!
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[Wordpress 2.2.1 Filter] How can I make Wordpress stop thinking too much for me when it comes to text formatting, etc?

I've got a new blog, located at http://www.verypsb.com. I love my look (based on the now-I-can't-find-it Green Van 1.0 theme,) but whenever I insert an image, the paragraph immediately below shrinks down two point sizes while the rest of the entry will be just fine. It's also very fond of hacking up any inserted YouTube videos, forcing me to flip back and forth between the Code and Visual editors to make sure my OBJECT tags aren't moved before I publish.

I'm not using Markdown or the like, and I see nothing in the CSS that says "After a picture, make things stupid," so any help would be appreciated.
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For the YouTube issue, I basically turned off the rich text editor completely, and Wordpress stopped eating object tags. This is great for me because I actually hate the rich editor and turn it off even when not posting YouTube videos, but not everyone likes dealing with raw HTML.

If you're not like me there are ways to get the rich text editor to cooperate. I haven't tested the plugin myself so I don't know how well it works.

As for the CSS issue, it's hard to diagnose anything without some markup, and the link you posted doesn't currently show any paragraphs after an image. The first thing I'd reach for, however, is Firebug—it's such a great diagnostic tool for web development that I honestly don't know how I ever lived without it.
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Turning off the rich text editor worked like a dream.

(For others who are comfortable dropping their own HTML into things, you can flip it off by going to User Account > Edit > and deselecting the option.)
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