Gift for a coworker?
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I want to buy a gift for a coworker who took a promotion and will be leaving my department. What's something cool but not overly sentimental that she might like?

When I started my job a year ago she was phenomenally helpful, always willing to answer questions, and a terrific mentor. I will be moving into the position she’s vacating.

She is:
About 50, but acts and feels younger
A wine lover and cat owner

Her gift should be:
About $50
NOT a desk tchotchke
Fun and cool - and it need not match perfectly her interests listed above

Any ideas? I’ve looked through,,, and not been grabbed by anything. I’ll also be writing her a sincere thank-you note.
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If she's moving into a position of management, get her one of those cheesy "I'm The Boss" mugs. These are actually quite funny when they're used by people who are actually the boss. Kinda ironically ironic.

A novelty wine bottle holder?

Don't get her something to with vegetarianism. She'll already know and having everything.
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I think I'd head to the local wine shop and ask them to recommend something in your price range. She loves wine, she'll very much appreciate a gift of good wine. Why over complicate it?
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I'm fond of things that you use up or that you get to choose for coworker gifts:
Nice bodywash/lotion etc (Aveda is nice).
Candles or similiar.
Amazon gift certificate (easy to use and find something you already want under $50).
Box of chocolate truffles plus wine.
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A nice bottle of wine would surely be appreciated. Also, for the personal touch maybe you could make her a CD of some new and fun music.
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wine. nix on stinky candles.
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There's a wine called "Herding Cats", if that's the kind of thing she'd be amused by. I think it's rather cheaper than $50, but you could get a bottle holder/stand, too, and present them together.
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Bottle of the best olive oil your fifty bucks can buy?

(If her wine expertise makes you nervous that she won't like your vino pick & it's a nod to her vegetarianism, since excellent olive oil is brilliant as a dip with fresh bread.)

I've always thought there's something very companionable about giving great olive oil!
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Here's your novelty wine caddy (puzzle).
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Don't buy her something wine related. Have you ever noticed that when you mention that you like something to your friends and family that you end up with 10 useless related things at every gift giving occasion? I guarantee she's gotten enough wine travel bags, bottle shaped cheese plates, wine glass charms, wine colored napkins, and Minnesota-made wine.

Do buy her a $50 gift certificate to a well respected local wine shop, or go to that shop and ask the owner to recommend a bottle or two.
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If you get her wine, make it a good wine - ie, talk the owner of a good local shop. This should be your fallback gift if you can't think of anything better.

Food is always a winner... Zingerman's is my go-to gourmet food gift source. Their mail-order cheese is awesome, their oil and vinegar sets are really nice, etc.

Gift certificate for a massage (though, might be more than $50 depending where you live)

Funky jewelry might work depending on your relationship with her - eg if you're a woman it's more ok for you to get her jewelry. There are necklaces and earrings in the shape of popular chemicals like caffeine and chocolate, for example. Etsy has plenty of funky handcrafted jewelry, mugs and whatnot. Probably you have craft stores in your area that have stuff along these lines too, maybe something will strike you as being in line with her tastes?
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Other accessories might work too, again depending on relationship: a silk scarf, a funky pin.
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Massage or a spa service gift certificate is always a nice treat. If she's got a wacky sense of humor, there's a funny coffee table book called "Dancing with Cats" that's bound to make her smile. I'm sure any gift will be appreciated!
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