What is this plant thing?
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What on earth is this plant like thing ?

My friend posted that to her blog, and I googled around with various combinations of succulent, seed pod and spikey with no luck.. I haven't seen it in person, but my best guess would be a succulent and/or a seed pod of some sort. It was found in the SF East Bay Hills, if that helps.
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Best answer: looks kind of like a mutant sweetgum fruit...kind of.
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These are all over the bay area, and they come from trees. I remember needing to collect a bunch of them a long time ago for a photo shoot where we were trying to emulate allergens (with some serious photochopping magic).
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I second the sweetgum. It looks like still green gumballs that have somehow grown fused. Seeing as how plants often fuse parts, especially in fast growing parts like gumballs, I don't see this as a particularly bizarre result.
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Mutant version of a California Sycamore seedpod?
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I agree that it looks just like a mutant sweetgum pod.
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It may not be natural. The herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) in sub-lethal doses can cause plants to grow fused parts.
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Thank you all for inadvertently answering a question I had not asked: as a non-native to Southern California, I have a yard full of what I now know to be Sweetgum fruit, but never knew what they were called.
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