Looking for a Rush Limbaugh-watch type site.
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Any Rush Limbaugh websites that chronicle his factual errors on a daily basis?

I have one in my newsreader for Fox News (www.newshounds.us), but was wondering if there was something similar for Rush Limbaugh's radio show. I'm not looking to simply be overly critical, but a relative who is a dittohead likes to go on about how much liars "mainstream media" is, as if Rush doesn't stretch facts and distort the truth. I would just like to be able to go tit for tat with him on that kind of stuff - mainly just to take argument that Rush is more virtuous than mainstream media out of the equation when we talk - that's all. I have found some great stuff already in multiple locations, but I have not found a blog or site dedicated to it to the extent that Newshounds.us does with Fox News.

Any ideas?
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Media Matters is usually pretty good for this sort of thing. Judging from their Limbaugh page (scroll down for the articles), they don't seem to be doing a daily call-out (which would probably be a full-time job) but maybe just highlighting the most egregious incidents.
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Ugggh. Doing that would require, y'know, listening to the asshat.

His more egregious lies show up on the usual lefty sites - DailyKos, TPM, etc - but I've never seen anything daily.
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I think you have to keep in mind that much of what anti-Rush folks don't like about him is his opinions and spin. Not necessarily blatant lies or untruths, but rather his take on what things mean. This may be why you won't find a listing of lies. He never claims to be unbiased. News outlets do claim to be unbiased, and none of them are. Not Fox, not the networks, not CNN.
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Deej has it -- there's actually not a lot of verifiable lying going on, just lots and lots of insinuation and strategic omission. Stir in numbing repetition, serve to millions of incurious, uncritical listeners looking for someone to tell them what to think, and you've got the Limbaugh/Hannity phenomenon. You won't be able to counter that F2F. Instead, luxuriate in the knowledge that the dittoheads are increasingly part of the fringe, and that in just over a year they will be expelled to the political wilderness.
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Media Matters and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), which happens to be down at the moment.
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Yeah, and Limbaugh long ago perfected a "Hey, we're just kidding around here" defense for his worst stuff, as well as the occasional strategic apology.
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