Saratoga Springs bars?
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I'm looking for a good bar in Saratoga Springs new york to host a party (100 people).

I've looked at mosts of the easily accessible sites online, but I'm wondering if there are any gems that don't have websites that I'm missing. should be in the Downtown saratoga are.
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I don't know if it's in downtown, but have you checked out The Parting Glass Irish pub?
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Downtown Saratoga Springs has an extensive collection of bars, some of which will be too small to host a 100-person private party. Consider the larger venues, such as Gaffney's, the Saratoga Springs Brewpub, Sperry's, and the Parting Glass (helpfully linked by txsebastien above, and which I heartily recommend). If you are planning the party for this summer you are in for an uphill battle, since things tend to be booked far in advance during the summer (racing) season.
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