What's the best learn spanish cd?
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What is the best audio resources for learning spanish? I commute about 1.5hrs/day and would like to get some more spanish learning time in. Can someone recommend a good cd set? I have 3yrs spanish in high school, use it at work, but am a little rusty (I used to be conversational).
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Since you were once conversational in Spanish, perhaps you'd do well with some Spanish podcasts, Spanish books-on-tape, or even by transcoding the Spanish language track Audio from a DVD movie or tv show into mp3 format?
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I think the Pimsleur and Oxford sets are worth a shot.
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I second Pimsleur. I've tried a few systems and Pimsleur is by far the best.
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Me three - the Pimsleur System has done more for my Spanish than any other. It's not exactly cheap but it is quite good.
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I use Pimsleur, and it's awesome for the first 2 levels, but be aware that the reviews for level 3 at amazon aren't stellar. Everyone there recommends the FSI set for the more advanced learner.

I'd also recommend the Coffee-Break spanish podcast, it's spanish with a scottish accent, how can you go wrong with that?
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I love Pimsleur. I'm much better at learning a language aurally rather than through on paper grammatical review, etc., and Pimsleur is very effective for anyone who learns language better as a mimic -- or perhaps is looking to brush up their conversational skills in a language they already know. I've used it to brush up both my rusty French and similarly rusty Spanish, and to learn some basic Japanese (and basic Japanese pronunciation) before a trip. VERY expensive, but your library may have them or be able to get them through inter-library loan, as mine did.
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Pimsleur is great. Suggest you shop around, I got mine here for much less than what other places were charging.
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I had a good experience with Michel Thomas's Spanish CD's. Get past the cheesy 'I will teach you just 10 days!' copy and it's actually pretty good, relying on a model that gradually builds your vocabulary without you really realising, until you find yourself stringing together proper, useful sentences. They're pricey new, but you can get 'em cheap on ebay.
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