What to do in Kassel?
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What should I not miss in Kassel, Germany?

I will be in Kassel for three weeks in August, taking lessons to improve my German and staying with a host family (most likely just one woman, actually). Since I'm not sure what my relationship with the family would be, I'm looking more for things like sights I should see rather than clubs I should visit. Also, while the idea of daytrips to other parts of the country sound lovely, I'm not sure they will be possible.

I know Dokumenta will be happening that whole time, and I plan to check it out, but what else should I go do?

(Bonus points for any suggestions of vegetarian restaurants)
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Löwenburg Castle

Der Herkules

And, uh, don't fall into this deep hole in the ground.
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I can't offer any specific advice, maybe you should have a look at Kassels Homepage.

As for vegetarian restaurants, a quick search turned up Mr. Clou and Bashi.

Enjoy your stay!
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Seconding Herkules. Make sure you're wearing very comfortable shoes.
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