Where to hang out in Melbourne
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What are your favourite places to just hang out in Melbourne, Australia?
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  • I love hanging out at Melbourne Central: the bottom food court is usually very crowded (as it is right next to the train station entrance) but the top food court (on the second floor) has a good variety (lots of Asian, typical McDonalds and fastfood and some other reasonable food).
  • I also quite like walking around the square enclosed by Swanston Street, La Trobe Street, Elizabeth Street and Flinders Street. Sometimes a figure-8 made by passing through Bourke Street Mall is good for some variety too! Along this route, you can deviate a bit and go to the aforementioned Melbourne Central and also QV - similiar, but without the train station. The food court there is also good. (Max Brenners is top-notch if you enjoy chocolate!)
  • The parks! Despite the inclement weather, the parks around Melbourne are wonderful. I actually spend a considerable amount of time in the following: the Botanical Gardens (down St Kilda Road), Carlton Gardens, Fawkner Park (South Yarra - a very short walk from St Kilda Road or Domain Road if you're on that side of the Botanical Gardens).
  • The shopping and cafes precinct of Southbank. This is just across the Yarra from Flinders Street station and has quite a large shopping centre and once again; food court. The boulevard can also be strolled up and down many times without growing tired of it!
I also like the little square of grass across from the World Trade Centres and the kids' playground at the Docklands (trams number 70, 75 and 48 or even the City Circle tram heading down Flinders Street will get you there). I don't think those are dot-point worthy though. If I think of any more, I'll post as they come to me. Hope this helps!
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The gardens and parks! They are ever so lovely in spring, summer, autumn and even winter!

In the city, I find watching movies The Halfpipe (part of the Hoyts cinema in Melbourne Central) really awesome, because there are really comfy beanbags to lie on :P

Chapel St and Bridge Rd are really good places to shop, eat and just chill and have a coffee with friends etc. Brunswick St is also cool with a more laidback vibe (I really like The Fitz restaurant/cafe there!) Coffee/cake in St Kilda is good too.

The parks are really worth going to! :D
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If cakes in St Kilda are your thing, Acland Street is the place for that. Absolutely mouth-watering.

Similarly, once you find yourself in St Kilda, the Esplanade and Jacka Boulevard are very nice to hang about upon. Situated right next to the beach, they're where the market stalls are also set up when it's that time. Near the intersection with Acland Street exist a number of trendy cafes too.
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ALSO, Melbourne's laneways and arcades are nice places for a meal, a bit of shopping and just lazing around. I don't exactly know the names of these laneways, but Degraves Street (off Flinders St), The Block Arcade (off Little Collins) and Centre Place Arcade (off Flinders Lane) come to mind! These are really worth exploring.

Laurent (Little Collins) is good for coffee and almond croissant.

If you want to get out of the city, Camberwell is a good place to start. It has a Sunday Market which is filled with many second hand goods and you can probably find all sorts of weirdly wonderful things there. Glenferrie Road is also popular, full of shops and eateries.

Haha I love Melbourne so much!
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I'm originally from Camberwell - the Junction (Burke/Riversdale Rds) is nice and has a ton of places for coffee, the market is pretty good too. Maling Rd at Canterbury train station is also a really nice little spot, filling with more and more expensive shops but still has a nice bookshop and a couple of cafes, plus Canterbury Gardens just next door. Chapel St (East Richmond) is nice, and you can go north from the city up Brunswick and Sydney Rds for a lot of ethnic foods and atmosphere. I can also just spend a while drifting around the CBD.
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Brunswick st - Bimbo's has great pizza's for $4 if you go at the right time... also lots of great little stores and lots to see. Also St Jeromes is good for cheap coffee and toasties - although a little pretentious. But I really like the urban garden feel. It's in an alley behind swanston st - the first one off little bourke after the commonwealth bank.

I'm overseas at the moment, and missing Melbourne HEAPS.

OOoooh - and for the best salt and pepper squid in town - try Binh Minhs - it's on Victoria st - of course - and cheap and good. mmmmm....
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. Keep 'em coming!

Oh I love Max Brenner's too on a colder day when you need a good dose of chocolate as a quick recharge. Such sweet goodness!

Mr Tulk off the State Library is also great for that other essential drug - caffeine.

Camberwell sounds interesting - I'll have to check that out. Does anyone have other great weekend markets to recommend too?
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Melbourne is great; all the above, plus Albert Park for running and walking, Smith St. for dodgy cheap shops, and Grattan St and Johnston St. for cool shops (can't remember then name of one place that sells or rents old medical equipt.)Movida for churros loveliness, just off Fed Square, and Yuu for immaculately presented japanese food off Flinders Lane, and of course the Vic Market...
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For food:

Degraves Lane seconded - in particular the French waffle man who has his stall at the entrance/stairway to Flinders station there. Heavenly, especially with nutella and his coffee.

In Chinatown - Supper Inn, in Tattersalls Lane for great Chinese food.

On Elizabeth St, a bit off La Trobe, for traditional Indian/Malaysian Roti Prata, a place called Goldan Fork. (No, that is not a typo!)

On La Trobe St, opposite Melb Central, Changi Village Nasi Lemak for authentic, well, Nasi Lemak!

In Carlton North, Nicholson St, Casa Farro is a fantastic authentic pizzeria.

To hang out, Carlton Gardens is beautiful as is the shrine at the Botanic Gardens. The various galleries also always have good shows, and Federation Square usually has different events on all the time especially on weekends. If you're in the city, Flagstaff garden is great to sit and eat lunch in.

South Melbourne Market is very pretty on weekends, with great produce and mouthwatering cafes for breakfast surrounding it.

The pedestrian footbridge going from Flinders station to Southgate is a very pretty short walk, even if it's just to pick up a gelati or something!

As above, Brunswick St is always colorful, and by night, there's always Smith St for bars and Latin bars. Johnston St has great eateries littered all over it, and some great bands play in these areas.

Sydney Road is also great for a wander for op shops, vintage clothes and wonderful food of all cultures.

So nostalgic thinking about all the time i had back in Uni to explore all this! Have fun!
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Butterfly Bar in South Melbourne.
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