email forwarding to text message with character limit
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so, i have a Gmail account, and have a filter that forwards specific emails to my phone via text message ( Only problem is, character limit! Is there some service that I can forward these emails to that will then split them up into text-message-sized bits to be forwarded to my phone?
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I use mail2sms to do this, but I get mail on a Unix box which can filter things through procmail.
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TeleFlip is what you want.
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Thats odd. I do the same thing and mine arrive fine as Huge text messages with an "attachment" called file.txt that I can read on my phone.

No idea what the key component is. I am Fwding with Gmail to my T-Mobile Razr phone.
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If you have picture messaging service, you may be able to send the texts as picture messages instead of text, and there's a much higher character limit.

I think the limit is 525 or so. I just sent 435 characters to my phone and it worked fine - all in the same message.

Be warned that, depending on your carrier, picture messages may be priced differently than text, so make sure your text package covers pix as well.
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Is a device like a blackberry or such out of the question? It sounds somewhat suboptimal attempting to read your email in sms format.
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See if your email->phone service has some way to make emails sent "as MMS instead of SMS". (The first S in SMS is "short" -- AFAIK, it's a hack atop GSM, like traceroute atop ICMP/IP).

In SMS, there's only enough space for 140 8-bit characters or 160 7-bit characters. If you change to MMS, it wil (AFAIK) break it into packets and deliver any(?) size. Beware that some carriers charge much more for MMS than SMS.
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