Should I buy a toaster oven with a dehydration option?
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Toaster ovens with dehydrator option: any good? If it has it, is it comparable to food dehydrator quality dehydration? Any other positive experiences with particular toaster oven features or brands?
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Every time I've tried to buy a toaster oven combined with some other function (convection springs to mind), I've been disappointed. Both the toaster and the other function seem to be given short shrift when combined.
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I wouldn't bother, if you seriously have a need for a food dehydrator the form factor of a toaster oven is going to limit your space to a crippling degree. For example, Nesco dehydrators allow vertical expansion by simply purchasing extra trays - they come with four - as an estimate, I'd imagine a single tray would have twice as much surface area as the dimensions a toaster oven rack would allow for.
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