Nintendo DS games for a 10 years old girl.
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A friend of mine went to china and got me some cool nintendo DS hardware. In exchange, I told him I'd find some cool games for his daughter to play with. She's 10 year old.

Any suggestions are good! I have all the games released on NDS... :)
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Tetris? New Super Mario Bros.?
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Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, of course the Pokeman games of all stripes, Nintendogs of various breeds, Puzzle Quest, Custom Robo Arena, Worms, Sim City, Cooking Mama, Rune Factory (when it comes out), Diner Dash, Kirby...
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Obviously Nintendogs. Also Super Princess Peach.
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Agree with Nintendogs, Puzzle Quest, Pokemon (I play Diamond), Cooking Mama.

Also, Elite Beat Agents.
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1) Animal Crossing
2) Animal Crossing
3) You get the point. Also, nintendogs, cooking mama, trauma center, new SMB.
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Definitely Elite Beat Agents.

If she likes card games and board games, check out Clubhouse Games. This is my #1 bathroom game :)

They have a bit of a mature-ish theme but Feel the Magic and Rub Rabbits were great minigame fun. Also in this vein but definitely age appropriate is WarioWare: Touched.

Metroid Prime Pinball is great.

If she likes RPGish games, check out Izuna or Lunar Knights.

If by, I have all the games released on NDS... :) you mean you have a flash cart, consider an NES emulator. Kids these days might not appreciate the old school games, but you never know!
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Zelda, minnish cap is a GBA game but it will play in a DS. Trauma Center: Under the Knife is a very fun game about surgery that is stylized and not gory.
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I found Trauma Center to be extremely difficult and not really worth the purchase.

If she's a smart/advanced kid, she might enjoy the two Phoenix Wright games, but she'll need to be quite advanced to play them well at 10. They're very text heavy; you're playing a defense lawyer in a (rather odd) trial system, and you're trying to navigate labyrinthine plots to defend your clients from all sorts of different charges. I'd say age 14 or 15 would be about ideal, but she might like them if she's very bright.
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Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime. My GF loved it. Cute, not too hard, adventure-lite with simple controls.
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Phoenix Wright is probably not good for a 10 year old. Yes it's good fun but the core is criminal acts, some of them brutal. You aren't performing them but you do need to investigate them. There is also some lascivious humor that probably isn't appropriate.
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I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been enjoying"Mystery Detective" over the last couple days. It has an clever absurdist plot and although the puzzles aren't particularly challenging (the game pretty much won't let you 'fail'), they're still satisfying to solve.

Nintendogs and Dogz are both very cute, and you might consider 'Diner Dash' as well.
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Magical Starsign would be a perfect introduction to RPGs for a ten-year-old girl (just before the new Zelda!). I would also recommend Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - fun, cute and not too hard.
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