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Upgrading to Fedora means my linux NAT/webserver now contains SELinux which seems like a pretty swell improvement, but I can't seem to find instructables to get me into the swing of it. You got maybe links or books to recommend?
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Start here.
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Disclaimer: I'm not a Linux guru. That's okay, because you might not be, either.

Only two books on SELinux existed the last time I ran into it. One of them was just a printed dump of the help files. Neither of them mentioned, at all, how to solve my problem, which was getting scripts to run on a webserver if I didn't put the webserver in the default space (particularly an issue when you are running multiple, compartmentalized sites). I eventually figured it out after locating a beta document for getting Apache with SELinux to work under a RHEL 3 server, rather than RHEL 4. And the documentation was on a RedHat server that kept going down,no available cache, etc.

After a quick poll, I found out that others in my peer group just went ahead and turned it off.

SELinux, according to the blog of one of its developers, is rapidly evolving. That's awesome and all, but I like my security technologies to be stable, relatively frozen, and comprehensible. It sounds like it will be really cool once they get it working right. Until then, do not bother.
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