Home Cinema System??
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Home Cinema Question: Im looking to get a HCS for my Sky HD box. I want it to connect to my SKY HD, Xbox360 and Future PS3. Anyone recommend anything?

Needs to be based in England for delivery.

Got my eye on
SONY HT-SF1100 Home Cinema System its £259.
This has 2 HTMI inputs and 1 output to TV.

Can you recommend better, budget is £500 max.

Xbox 360: Component
DVD Player: Scart
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from the amazon.co.uk product page for the Sony Reciever:

Worth noting the sound is not processed through the HDMI connections. The first HDMI connection uses optical and the second uses the coaxial port. This can not be changed, so it will not work with say SkyHD & a PS3 through HDMI as they both use optical (unless you buy a separate coax/optical converter).
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Response by poster: What do you recommend?
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