Drivers for OrangeUSB USB 2 PCMCIA?
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Where can I find drivers for an OrangeUSB USB 2 PCMCIA card?

I own an Orange Micro OrangeUSB PCMCIA card. It has four USB 2 ports (they also made a FireWire version and a combo version). I used to use it with an old Windows 2000 laptop that only had USB 1 ports, so I could hook up a USB 2 hard drive. It's powered by an adapter, which I also have. I'd like to use it with my current, WinXP laptop, but I don't have drivers for it. The CD that came with the card just links to the now defunct site (I tried exploring the disc, but the drivers aren't on it). The Wayback Machine shows the last "real" version of the site was archived on May 12, 2005. I can find links to the drivers, but they are not in the archive, and I haven't had any luck turning them up with Google.

If no one can point me to the drivers, would anyone care to suggest a decent replacement/alternative? Right now I'm using the two USB 2 ports on my laptop for an external hard drive and a Line6 TonePort audio interface. I also have a USB-powered MIDI controller I'd like to use (and maybe more stuff down the road).
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Crap! That does seem to be the setup program, but I can't get it to run. Still, good sleuthing.
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