Where to buy estate jewelry in LA?
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Can anyone reccomend any estate jewelry dealers in the Los Angeles area? I'm looking for a relatively traditional engagement ring in the "couple thousand bucks" price range, but I'm a recent transplant.
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Circa 1910 antiques sometimes has some very nice Arts & Crafts era jewelry, and I've seen rings there. There are a number of interesting shops that sell antiques, including jewelry and other small metal items, in that neighborhood.

On preview: they've just closed their Melrose shop, but I am sure the Wests can suggest a good antique shop in the area with an emphasis on jewelry.
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can't give you a specific recommendation, but I'd for sure check out the Los Angeles Jewelry Mart in the Jewelry District.

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Seconding the Jewelry Mart. Only NY and Chicago have comparable in the US, and while I don't know about estate jewelry, they have marvelous stuff and great prices.
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This is not EXACTLY what you're asking for. However, the lady that runs THIS place is awesome! When I was looking for an engagement ring she really hooked me up. (We actually ended up getting matching-styled rings from the 1920s.) In any case, congrats and good luck!

Make sure you look at everything, there may be some nice surprises there.
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It's actually located in the LA area (Palos Verdes, I believe) although they operate mostly online. My husband bought my sapphire engagement ring from them and we were very happy with the purchase.

If you don't see the estate piece you're looking for on the web, contact them.
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There are some jewelry stores in Westwood that, if I recall correctly, sell estate pieces. I've never done business with any of them, though. One is on Westwood Blvd., and the others are clustered together on Glendon Ave.

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My now-husband bought my lovely antique (circa 1920s) diamond and sapphire ring at Antiquarius - highly recommended. 8840 Beverly Blvd, (310) 274-2363
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