Can't I just swap them over?
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Can I upgrade my laptop's optical drive?

I have a Toshiba satellite A30-514. Is it possible for me to switch out the CD-RW/DVD drive in it for a DVD burner? Is it a simple as just pulling one out and plugging the new one in? Ive built a tower PC before and changed the hard drive in a laptop but not an optical drive. I'm a but worried about the setting of the drive itself aren't laptop drives settings governed by their firmware?

Basically does anyone know of a DVD/RW drive that I can put in my A30 with the least of problems? Or should I just suck it up and buy an external burner? And what settings would the drive need to have cable select or master/slave?
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This says yes. Dunno if you can trust the list of drives they give.
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I did this on an old mac laptop by googling [laptop_name_and_model] + "upgrade" + "burner / optical drive / etc" until I found a 3rd party one made for my machine.

Basically you need one that comes in the same size drive caddy to fit the hole on your notebook, and also has drivers for your OS.
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Thanks Krrlson, that link was useful.
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i cant say for your particular model, but for most laptops the answer is HELL YES.
You may have to put a different front bezel on the drive, but that should be easy as long as you use a gently hand.
Even on the modular drives, it's often just a matter of opening the modular case and swapping out the old drive with a new one...
People do this and sell them on ebay at inflated costs.
The slim optical drives used in most laptops are more or less standard parts, though I think that they may come in one or two different thicknesses.

Oh, and p3t3 is right on too.
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Ok so far I think that my laptop needs a Master/Slave drive. So I guess its just a case of finding one! Ebay here I come.
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