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What's the best online tool for tracking a fantasy stock portfolio?

Want to track a couple of homebrewed stock indices, then share those portfolios with friends. Looking for solutions that:

a. are free
b. will allow me to build multiple indices, each with any number of stocks
c. offer some sort of robust sharing tool
d. will export historical data in various formats (spreadsheet, charts, etc.)
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Covers a, b, and d. Not sure about c, but I don't think it allows that. Yet.
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The problem with Google Finance is that it doesn't offer that "real-time feel" where you're buying and selling in real-time (or 15-minute delay) and then seeing the effect. You enter your positions (shares, price paid per share) at any time, and your gain/loss is calculated from the present time, relative to those reported positions.

I can't recommend anything other than to say that Interactive Brokers offers a great fantasy trading tool, where you can use their real-time trading software in a fake account with $100,000 in fake money. Everything acts precisely as if it were real (except for the details of order execution, obviously) and you can trade stocks, options, forex, etc in real time. There's a nice "SIMULATION" banner written in the background to remind to it's fake. You need to have an IB account to use this, though ($10 monthly minimum fee).
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investopedia.com has a fantasy stock sim - not the greatest interface, but it does the job.
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