Que' Rental Proposal?
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What is a rental proposal?

I am thinking of renting a commercial space and the agent's representative has mentioned working together on a rental proposal? I am guessing that this is a proposal with figures and requests that can be negotiated. I would like to get clarification on this and personal experiences on how this process transpires.
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Sorry, is there a reason you can't just call the agent and ask him/her this question directly? Or if you're afraid of sounding ignorant, try asking in a more roundabout way that sounds like a follow-up instead of a WTF, like "sure we could work on that, what sorts of terms do you think we'll need?"
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I'm a small-time commercial property agent, and our leasing negotiations are usually verbal, but I do use a "proposal to lease" form to spell out the terms and whatnot if the lessee has other business partners that have to approve and, more frequently, for types of businesses that have special zoning and licensing requirements. They can take to proposal to the licensing office to show both parties intent to enter a lease agreement and then they can make sure that the location and zoning meets the requirements before they get locked into a lease.
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