A better Palm Calendar? Perhaps, iCal-like?
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A better Palm Calendar? Perhaps, iCal-like?

I really like how iCal works on my Mac. More specifically, I like how...

* Everything is color coded
* Has different color categories that I can toggle on and off
* Has a user friendly interface (easy to add new events, etc)
* Doesn't have a million features

Is there something similar for Palm (that I can sync with iCal)? Most of the calendar software I find are either extremely complex or don't work with Mac.

Note: Yes, I realize probably the closest I can get to an "iCal mobile" is getting an iPhone. But, I need to work with what I have now.
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I really like Datebk5 (haven't tried Datebk6) from Pimlico. It might have too many features for you, but I don't use many of them and I don't feel that they get in the way.

I've never used iCal, so I don't know how it compares.
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I owned Datebk5, and liked it a bit. When the Datebk6 upgrade came with $$$, I made the jump to Agendus It's nowhere as simple and elegant as iCal, but it's certainly easier to use, and physically prettier than Datebk5. I have also heard good things about KeySuite (mostly around better integration with Outlook, which is obviously not your problem.

They all have free trials, so experiment with them and see which one is right for you.
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I don't understand, there are several tutorials for how to sync Palm Desktop (free download if you don't already have it) and iCal on a Palm handheld. Also, Palm Desktop lets you color code events, contacts, etc. by category (you name the categories and choose the colors). Basically the only thing you're asking for that it doesn't do is toggle those categories on and off, which, if you're syncing with iCal shouldn't be a problem. Google terms like "use iCal with Palm handheld" and "sync iCal and Palm Desktop" for more.
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Thanks for the responses!

Brittanie, more specifically, I'm looking for PDA software, not computer software. Basically, I want something like iCal on my Palm T2 (and I want to sync it with iCal).
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Hmm, I see. Sorry I misunderstood.
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