I want the free lunch!
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I want to go! The company is sponsiring "Yes, literally, bring an idea and we’ll buy lunch." However I have no idea to bring! Maybe some of you creative types could help me come up with one!

What type of lighting fixture is the world missing? Fixture can be either out door or in door! fluorescent or HID! or if someone had some really cool ideas for LEDs!

Just a general idea or suggest is all I need.
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In the toilet and call it: Disco Bowl.
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An led light specifically designed (with movement sensors) to scare coyotes from my patio to protect my pets.
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I think that you should be able to fill a room with mist or smoke, and then use a light to project 3D images as if they were in the room with you. Imagine that you are at an aquarium and you go in a dark room and it is full of mist and then there are (images of) fish swimming all around you like you are in an aquarium. That would be awesome. You may not want to suggest that though, because they may just think that you are high.
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I light that reflects water movement, so you have shimmering walls of different colors. It would be a great nightlight. I get 50% of the profits.
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You can get nightlights that detect when they need to be on. How about a lighting fixture that when turned on automatically brightens the room to a set level depending on how much ambient light there is already? Seems I'm forever playing with dimmer switches in my house.
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How about a light that turns itself off in the presence of other lights (like a computer or TV screen)? It would be cool to have the overhead lights automatically turn off or dim when I turned on the computer or TV.
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a motion sensor built into keyholes or doorknobs, so a tiny LED clicks on when you're trying to find the keyhole in the dark.
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I would love a light like a miner's light that somehow could be attached to non-head parts of my body - imagine the light on a airplane passenger lifejacket, sort of right over the heart area. If it was blacked out on top or had some sort of shade thingy, you'd have a really portable, hands-free, non-book-cover-dependent reading/work light for times when you don't want to disturb others. You'd use a magnet or something to affix it to your clothes.
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Light pads embedded in the palms of gloves and mittens... "natural light" flat screen computer monitors for sensitive eyes... light that indicates spoilage of food...
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what about embedding wifi extenders/repeaters into fixtures?

success would depend on the right approach, tho...if it were a light that worked "like a computer" then it would fail. but if it were as simple as something you plugged into the wall, and it just worked (apple-style), and you would hardly know from looking at it that the fixture was a wifi bridge...now that would be nice.

i have some more ideas/designs in mind. happy to share if you'd like to prototype ;-)
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A bright, possibly flashing, LED-lit house number that is triggered by loud sirens, so it stands out as emergency workers approach your house.
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I want a flexible bar of LEDs which I can press onto the edge of a glass table, or any pane of glass, really, which will not directly visible from most angles, but will have the effect of suffusing the table or pane of glass, entirely or in part, with light when the light level is very low in the room, or outside.
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Response by poster: Oh I am so going to lunch! Thanks alot for the great ideas! The hive pulls through once again!
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Anything marketed specifically for CFL bulbs:

- internal size of the fixture (there are a number of small, globe-shaped fixtures in my apartment that CFL bulbs of the appropriate wattage don't quite fit into, because they were designed for traditional bulbs)

- shades/glass covers/etc. that help make CFL light look less fluorescent, more like the light from traditional bulbs

- much as I hate this useless marketing, adding "CFL-compatible!" language to your packaging of any existing products (as long as they actually are) might help since people are becoming more energy conscious.
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You know those shoes with the lights in the them from LA Gear and copied by everyone? Well, how about shoes with a layer of LED lights at the lower edge, so that every time a person takes a step, they get a glow from every side the show. Imagine how awesome playing tag at night or running down an inept criminal would be if you could watch their feet light up with every step. You could do it in a variety of colors too, like orange or green or light blue. Dude, so many applications but consider consumer ones first.

You could call the shoe "Imbroglio".
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christmas lights in the form of a large net. You attach it to the edge of the roof and let it unroll to the ground. If the lights are dense enough, you could run simple animations on it.

Think of this as the next step after those projectors that put snowflakes on the house.

Of course, the lights should me LEDs
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Get your company to make a Dawn simulator and easily take over the market with the price advantage.
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I'd like an LED on my cell phone for stumbling around after the bar, the screen just isn't bright enough
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Under-the-rim LED lights for toilet bowls. I'd like to be able to see where things are without blinding myself at 3AM.
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Fiber optic light fixtures (using fluorescent or LED as source): if the fibers are spaced a bit, and installed so they're flush with the wall or ceiling surface, then when they're off, they look just like the rest of the wall/ceiling. This could be done with automotive turn signals & brake lights as well. The "hook" is that there is no visible light fixture when it is off; there is no "seam" or other indicator; just an uninterrupted surface that magically emits light.
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Lights that automatically turn on/off depending on if you're in the room or not. You could be carrying some sort of device in your pocket and when you enter a room, a sensor in the doorway tells the light to turn on, and if you leave the room to another one, the sensor tells the light to turn off and the light in the other room to turn on.
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Blue LEDs are being used by dermatologists to treat acne because they kill or inhibit the growth of certain bacteria.

How about incorporating those same kinds of blue LEDs into electric toothbrushes like Sonicare (TM) in order to help control bacteria in the mouth?

I see the lights being in the handle, with the light conducted into the mouth by a clear brush head and maybe even down to where the action is by fiber optic bristles, perhaps most effective either before or after the toothpaste, unless it was a low-foaming clear gel.
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A circle of leds inside of a pot for houseplants. uplighting for decorative plants.
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A combination motion sensor / timer that allows the lights that may have been accidentally left on to dim if there is no motion around them for 30 mins, for example, and then come back to where they were set when there is, with a timer that actually shuts them off after X pm.

Blue LED lights under kitchen counters, for the bacteria-killing properties that jamjam notes.

Blacklight LEDs. On beltbuckles. Or anywhere, really. Blacklight flashlights. Blacklight glowsticks?
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Lights in the huge, deep cabinet where everyone's pots and pans always end up, as well as under sinks. I can't see anything down there!
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plug-compatible GU10 LED fixtures. I want a GU10 bulb that uses LEDs at 120V. I want several. GIve them to me now.
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LEDs with a regular, incandescent-type frosted housing, so you can have the shape of the bulb, but the lasting power and low energy usage of an LED. This is actually something that in designing a large, modern, arty light fixture for my foyer, is requiring us to drill into incandescent bulbs to take out the guts, and replace them with LEDs as I want a number of exposed incandescent bulbs, but using less power.
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LED taper-style candles to put at your windows at Christmas time.
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Uh, yeah, like those. Huh. Except I want 120V, not 240V, but close.

But whether it's new or not, it's a huge market opportunity. The ones I have seen are more like $50. Sell me one for $10 and you're in.
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- bathroom vanities! usually you need bright light. there's power savings if you do it with LEDs. plus you could easily include a dimmer switch for mood lighting. and if you want to get really creative, multiple colours, for when you're having a relaxing bath... maybe even pre-programmed colour fade sequences.

- LEDs that clip to glasses frames, or rest on your ear if you don't wear glasses, so you can read while it's dark and keep your hands free.

- Clothing with built-in lighting when you need to be highly visible. like reflective vests, with extra lights sewn into the fabric.

- Cheap raver-style LED glowsticks!
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My apologies if these exist but I scoured my Menards and Home Depot for rheostat-compatible CFLs and small (40w) CFLs.

In addition to shades for CFLs (suggested by vytae upthread), shades for LEDs to offset the pointelated look.

I've seen little varied bracelets that go around the stem of wineglasses so party guests can distinguish their glass. What about embedding a LED into the base of wine/liquor glasses for this purpose, with different colors serving as differentiators?
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I love jamjam's idea.

Here are mine:

Inexpensive, tiny, possibly solar or rechargeable battery-powered lights which you can use to line the edges of an outdoor path. There are clunky ones on the market that tend to fall over, get water in them, etc. - but what I envision aren't necessarily that bright, just enough to see where the path edges are.

Also: Inexpensive wall sconces that are actually attractive. A better idea: a wall sconce that is small, minimal, and metal, but designed to be enclosed by / covered by something created by a designer or an artisan (fair trade, anyone), so that it becomes easy for homeowners and interior decorators to customize a home's interior lighting to match the rest of the decor.
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I think you need to craft a helmet with a light bulb on top. When they ask what your idea is, you can light up the bulb. I think they'll get "the idea" (on so many levels).
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THIS! or otherwise a sensor light in the rim of your glass that lights up one color if the drink has alcohol in it and another color if it doesn't.
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Full-spectrum CFL bulbs! Low-cost lighting for people with seasonal affectedness disorder. I would pay $15 for each full-spectrum CFL bulb, and I'd put them in every socket in my home.
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A shoulder-mounted lamp for campers. Head-mounted lamps blind people when I look at them.
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Full-spectrum CFL bulbs!

Done. I have one. Linked bulb is $9. Have a nice day.

I'd vote for LED automobile dome lights. These exist in some cases as aftermarket kits, but I haven't yet seen them in new autos. My car's light bulb, for example, can get hot enough to start to melt the dome light cover when left on too long. Not to mention the battery drain.
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