Content cataloging script recommendations?
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Content cataloging script recommendations?

I need to find a (PHP?) script to catalog content in a MySQL database for a website. Basically, it will be a website cataloging information about an item (like a CD, DVD, Book, and so on...). A few fields per entry. (Category, Title, Author/Artist, url, and other custom fields, such as an associated image, etc.) The database needs to be searchable/sortable by any field. And the user/surfer needs to be able to suggest/input entries (through forms), not just admin-side access. Ability to pull data in from sources such as IMDB, Amazon, etc. would be a bonus also.

Writing the script myself isn't an option at the moment.

Most CMS scripts seem overkill and not quite right - am I wrong about this? The few CD/DVD/Music/Media cataloging scripts I've seen aren't very customizable, and are usually geared towards one specific use or type of item.

Can anyone recommend any software/scripts?

Appreciate any help/info/suggestions.
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can mysql dump o/p to xml? if so, you could try xsl (i don't care for it, but two people recently told me it was easy, so what do i know? ;o)
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