VW Mechanic in Northern VA?
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Where in Northern VA should I take my '03 VW Passat to get the thermostat replaced?

Searching MeFi, I found this disheartening thread about the VW dealers in the DC metro area. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a mechanic that can handle VWs? (My old mechanic tells me they don't have the necessary tools.)

If not, what can I expect if I take it to a dealer? (I just got the car, used.) Gross overcharging? Shoddy work? Etc.

Bonus points for proximity to Ballston/Clarendon.
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Even if your Passat isn't a TDI, the forums on TDI Club are the place to go. I imagine you could probably find a recommendation there for a mechanic by searching past posts and if you can't, I'm sure someone will be able to recommend a mechanic if you ask.
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Oops, fixed that link: TDI Club
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I don't have a VW, but I've had good luck with Foreign Car Service in Alexandria.
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This isn't a VW specific mechanic, but A-One Auto Repair (Google Maps link because I don't think they have a website) is well worth a call. They might work on VWs and I've had nothing but good experiences with them. (No, really. He's gone out of his way to fix up my cars way beyond any other place I've been too, and ended up charging me less for it.) They're not super near Ballston, but aren't that far either.
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Best answer: there is a place in ballston, next to the golds gym, i believe it is called 'the bug and rabbit shop'. VERY mom-and-pop looking. if i had a volkswagen, i'd take it there, since they apparently specialize in such things.

on the other hand, having the thermostat replaced isnt such a hard thing to do and should be relatively cheap (depending on the car, i dont know about your car specifically)

i take my car to pham's on washington blvd. they do pretty good service and seem really honest to me.

btw, IAAFM (i am a former mechanic)
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May be too far for you but a reliable independent VW repair shop: Wheaton Service Center in Wheaton fits the bill.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I ended up following a recommendation from the Car Talk database called Joyce Motors. The Bug and Bunny (you were close!) sounds really cool. I might go there next time.
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