Used Musical Instruments in Vancouver BC
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Vancouver, BC: Can you recommend a used-musical-instrument store?

I'm not interested in guitars, but I like obsolete gadget zithers (warning: sound), weird percussion, and old synthesizers.

If you're familiar with Seattle's Trading Musician, that's pretty close. Antique stores that carry stuff like this are also a possibility.
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One of my housemates is seriously into old synths and spends a lot of time at Not Just Another Music Store, on Granville & 6th.
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I've always thought of NJAMS as a guitar shop, but maybe that's observer bias.

I can't think of anything with the inventory of the Trading Musician here. You might get lucky in a pawn shop (heck you might even recover some of your own stuff), but I've found them to be either full of junk or exorbitantly over-priced.
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I forgot about The Captain on Alma (I think he has another store in North Van but I've never been in it). There's always lots of interesting looking stuff in there.
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OK, just checked with the roomie -- turns out that he goes there for other things, and I got my wires crossed. He recommends Synthesis Vancouver, however, a local blog, as a good point of contact for other locals into used synths.
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