Looking for inexpensive bookshelf to extend windowsill
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I am looking for an inexpensive bookshelf or similar furniture that is about two feet tall and two feet long.

I need something like IKEA's Rast product, but taller. Rast is 15.75" tall and I need something that's 24±2" tall.

This is to place in front of a window, so that cats can see out the window when it's closed (the windowsill itself is too narrow). The ~2' width and 1' depth of Rast are just about ideal. The unit can't be longer than 2' or so, due to some other constraints on the space. The unit needs to be deep enough that it won't easily get knocked over.

I'd like to spend less than $60, so something mass-produced would probably be ideal.
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Is it possible to attach a shelf to the wall right below the window? Then, if you wanted storage below it, you could use a Rast or anything else that isn't quite big enough.
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What about the IKEA Rast chest of drawers?
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I think Tomorrowful has the right idea, but you might as well make it a cat perch.
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I have a set of 4x2 cubes that I purchased 2nd-hand on craigslist for real cheap. New, they'd probably be close to $50. They're fiberboard, but they hold up pretty well...

But if you're getting fiberboard in the first place, don't buy it new, look for it used on craigslist. It is usually transitional furniture, so if it is in shape to be sold, it is usually good for a few more years, the current owner just got something more permanent.
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There's one at Wal-mart for $15 that is 27" tall. It looks pretty flimsy, but if you get a furniture anchor (a short strap that is screwed into the wall and the furniture) you shouldn't have to worry about it tipping.

I'd suggest looking for nightstands also, since they would be the perfect size for under a window.
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How about the Leksvik table? It's a little longer than 2' (29"), but you said "2' or so" and I'm not sure what falls into the "or so" category. It fits your other dimensions almost perfectly. It's $50.
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About the cat perches: I am looking to avoid them because they are either flimsy, or require some major hardware to attach to the wall (I don't want to screw anything into the wall or windowsill). Also, I don't want anything covered in carpet (as "cat furniture" tends to be).
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