Tube Amp < $500. Recommendations Wanted.
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Can anyone recommend a tube (valve) amplifier kit in the ~ $500 (US) range? I was going to buy one of the Passion Audio Kit i11 amps but the company that offered them, Rotac in Quebec, quit selling them April 1st.
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Best answer: i built foreplay - the instructions were clear, the parts good quality, and the people helpful. so you may want to check their more powerful amps.

i can't tell you whether it sounds any good, because - hangs head in shame - i haven't turned it on yet (i made it just before moving, and things have been kind-of busy since...).
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Response by poster: The Bottlehead stuff looks nice, but I'm a little concerned about the low power and subsequent need for a high (>96dB) effeciency speaker. Of course, there's no reason I have to use their power amps.
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i don't know what power they offer, but my solid state amp (an ancient mission cyrus) is rated at 20W, i think, and drives normal speakers fine. if you have a 'scope you could try playing music at reasonable volume with the speakers you have, with a small resistor in series, and have a look at the power being drawn (by displaying voltage across the resistor on one channel, voltage across the amp o/p on another, and scraching your head for 30 mins ;o)
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