How to transfer messages to a new Blackberry?
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Is it possible to move my old text messages to my new Blackberry?

I just switched from Tmobile to Cingular and from a Blackberry 8700 to an 8800. Can I transfer my text messages from my old phone to my new one? I'm on a Mac.
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you should be able to transfer them if they have been stored on your SIM card.
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Will that work even with a SIM card from another company?
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Can't do it with a Mac (PocketMac) unfortunately. If you have access to a PC, you want Desktop Manager + the old BlackBerry hooked up, then Backup/Restore > Advanced > Move the Messages database from the right box to the left. It will ask you to Save the file (usually to My Documents) do that. Then Close. Plug in the new BlackBerry. Then Backup/Restore > Advanced > Click File > Open > Choose the Backup File you made in the previous step > Click Open > Move the Messages database from the left to the right this time.

Should restore any messages in your 8700 to your 8800. Saved Messages will be a separate database though. In Advanced you can choose anything you want from the old handheld to the new.

Conversely, choosing Backup and then Restore will restore ALL info from the old to the new handheld.

Hope that helps.
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To clarify, choosing Advanced in Backup/Restore allows you to pick specific databases on the BlackBerry while doing a straight Backup and then Restore takes ALL info.
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I didn't think that text messages were stored on the SIM. I know that with Cingular they are not - the SIM card is nothing more than your phone book and phone number. The messages are stored on your phone.

As for transferring your texts - do you have a friend who has T-Mobile that could put service on your old phone and forward them to your new phone?

I have a mac and I tried to use iSync to save some of my old texts (I compulsively "lock" really funny or sweet texts from friends) and there was no way to do it - I'm sorry.
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They're not stored on the SIM. Follow heavenstobetsy's advice about the backup/restore functionality. I've moved across 4 models of Blackberries and it is the best way to do it.
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i have tmobile service. i had a razr before i got my blackberry pearl last fall. all of my saved text msgs from my razr had transferred to my blackberry. that is why i believed they were stored on the SIM card.
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I've got the same problem - Mac user and new BlackBerry. Couldn't find any software to help, and the only PCs that I've got access to are either work or University. Even if I could install the BB client software, I don't want personal data on those machines.

So what worked for me was manually opening each stored text message, then selecting "forward as" and emailing them to myself.

It was by no means optimal, however I can still search the text messages, so I figure it was better to have them than not.
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