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How can I get North American Google results while I'm in Mexico?

I'm in Mexico. It seems like I'm getting different google results than I would at home (in Calfornia). For one thing, there are many more responses in Spanish than I normally get. For another, the actual Google info on the page is all in Spanish. I guess they get that I'm in Mexico from the IP address? I'm kind of clueless about this stuff.

Anyhow, is there any way for me to get US results from here?
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Near the bottom right of, there should be a link that says " in English" - use it. If not, going to should do the trick, though there are probably a bunch of other ways you can do it, too.
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Oh, sorry - I'm also presuming that you're in a cybercafe or similar, and not using your own computer. If you are using your own computer, then click on 'Preferences' from the English homepage to choose your language and save it in a cookie, thus recording your preference on that computer. After that, further visits to (or from toolbars, etc.) should take you straight to the English page, with preference for English results, regardless of any IP geolocation tricks. Signing into any google-based account you have might do the trick, also. Of course, doing any of the above on a shared computer would be inconsiderate (or risky, if you sign in and don't sign out).
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FYI, Mexico is in North America.
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At least some classifications include Mexico in Central America. Many others include it in North America.
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bunyip has it. Though even without my muddling around in the preferences section, a single instance of opting for " in English" makes Google default to that (unless I purge my browser's cookies).
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Oh my, yes, you're right donpedro. I didn't even think to test that. Okay, so to use the English interface without preserving the setting on a computer then you can use Ugh... so much typing! So yeah, is looking pretty good if you don't want to make life difficult for the next Spanish speaker to use the computer, though there might be a slight risk of getting more Canada-centric results on some queries (pure speculation here!).
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I was disappointed to see that no one actually answered the question here. You can change the language, which does in turn change some of the results, but google is still going to see OP's IP is in Mexico and give him Mexican results.

I am currently working in the US for a Canadian company; and hence my IP is in Canada. My results are of course in English, but simple searches like "Health Insurance" annoyingly return Canadian results.

So changing language can be done, but you can not select your choice of national results. I would love for someone to correct me on that if possible.
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I would love for someone to correct me on that if possible.

OK, consider yourself corrected. I'm in the UK I get different results when searching for, say [pants], at versus versus
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I'm coming from a Mexican IP and can confirm that a search for "Mexico" (chosen as a word common to both languages) gives very different results if I search from (where you get redirected to if you go to without cookies) versus The results from /ncr are just what I'd expect to get if I were in the US.
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And for the super-duper advanced method that will actually give you US IP is blossom. It's a program that uses Tor nodes to get an IP in a different area, rather than for anonymity.

I found the link through tor's faq, and I've been to their website before, but appears to be down now. :(
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Thanks all! I'll try these suggestions.

(and ya, as soon as I posted the question I thought to myself - "Mexico is North America, isn't it." Doh.)
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Of course, google could just host, you know, to be consistent. This is easily the worst part of the Google experience.
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