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I've made a music video for a band and I'm looking for some external feedback on it. Unfortunately I'm working/living in a bubble right now so I have to turn to the net for this. Is there any sort of film/music video critiquing site out there which would have a relatively fast turn around?

The band is (urgh) my boss's vehicle for his mid life crisis (and he's a creative director, double urgh), so while I have talked over it repeatedly with him - he won't stop changing stuff and this has been dragging out for months and I need to put this to bed and get my personal life back. Fast!!

- Not looking for somewhere where you have to have built up a lot of mana/contribution in order to get feedback.
- Faster = happier
- Genre could be called folksy psychedelic rock.

I need the feedback to say to the boss, "No, this is good - fin!". Or give up... Any suggestions? Youtube might not be appropriate, too public really.
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How 'bout Projects, one of those links on the upper right?
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Upload it to YouTube or LiveDigital. You'll get lots of idiot comments, but you'll probably get the kind of genuine feedback you're looking for too.
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I'm surprised you didn't just upload it somewhere and ask here. You'll get a wider range of semi-creative/intellectual comment here than at, say, YouTube.
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Put it up on MeFi Music with a link to the vid. Seriously.

There are quite a few pros and semi pros who you really do want feedback from right here on MeFi. It's difficult to say MeFi Music is better or worse than projects since your really talking vid. But you might have more hits on Music, especially if you state your need. Try it out.
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Post it up somewhere and post it on this thread. This question is already in a Media & Arts section. I'm sure many of us want to give you feedback.
posted by lain at 6:49 PM on July 14, 2007 may be worthwhile - it's a place for people to post cool music videos. I've never posted anything on there so I don't know what their exact rules are, but I believe I've seen people post their own work.
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I would also suggest Meta Music.

The way you've described it sounds like you work for David Brent. Please tell us it isn't a Simply Red cover?
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Tell him I'm a professional music critic and will pre-review it for a reasonable price.

(I was a professional music critic, and my price can be whatever you imagine he'll pay for three paragraphs saying either "This is OK. You can stop hassling teststrip now," or "This blows. You should probably scrap it." I can even give real advice if you want it. My email's in the profile.)
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Don't listen to klangklangston, he won't confirm nor deny, but I think he writes for the National Enquirer. Hmmm.

Please post it on MeFi Music. They'll let you know what's up or down.
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You could try
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