Where does Dexter get his clothes?
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Where does Dexter get his clothes?

Asking for my roommate:

"I really like the clothes Dexter wears on the TV show.
While they look rather generic, they also look quite nice. Anyone knows
where I can find out where to get the stuff?"

I found this related question, but that's only about one specific shirt...
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The Dexter stylist (or at least the stylist for the pilot) has a website, maybe you could ask her?
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To me they look very Banana Republic-esque. For example, in this picture the pants look like they could possibly be these and the long sleeve version of this shirt. But I'm no fashionista, so I don't know really.
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lab coat

good luck.
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Banana Republic and Express Men. He was wearing my favorite purple t-shirt (from Express) one episode.
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