Can I modify my window mobile home screen shortcuts?
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WindowsMobile users - I just got a Samsung Blackjack and as far as I can tell the Home screen displays icons of my most recently used applications. I'm hating this with a passion because this means these icons change with use. I don't want them to change - I want them to be determined by me. Is this possible?

I know you can set the numerical keys to be shortcuts, but it seems mad to be trying to remember which shortcut key is which when you've got a bloody great screen with icons!
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Windows Mobile machines often come configured with a Manufacturer / Carrier proprietary icon-based launchpad on the home (Today) screen. This can differ even for the same machine from different carriers.

Poke around in the Settings... Personal... Today... options, and on the Items tab, see what items are checked. One of them may be the launcher that sets these icons up for you. It may be Samsung or carrier branded.

You can unselect it, or explore its options.

If you unselect it, you can locate on the web various replacements, such as the tools from which enable you to pick the icons yourself.

(It's also possible, since I am not a Windows Mobile Smartphone user, but the Pocket PC variant user, that the icons you're looking at are simply the Smartphone manifestation of the most-recently used icons. In which case, look for someone with more experience to answer...)
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If you hold down your scroll wheel, it will open a little launcher/shortcut bar that you can customize.
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It might be worth looking into something like Facade if you're interested in customizing the BlackJack. I've had a good deal of luck with customization using it.
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