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Where should I buy contact lenses online?

So my old set of lenses just got through their last batch, and I'm shopping around for a good place online that's well priced and reliable. I figured, instead of using my google-fu, I thought I would petition the hive mind.

So to summarize,

Could some of you kind folks direct me to a good place online to buy contact lenses? (I already have the prescription information)
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I just bought some through

I've done this several times, and never had a bad experience.
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I second 1800contacts if you've got the prescription info. I've bought from them previously and will probably buy from them shortly, as I'm on my last right lens.
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Online, I've only ever used, for the last 5 years or so. Pretty quick shipping and decent customer service.
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Another satisfied customer here.
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1800 contacts is the easiest thing ever.
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AskMefi hijack - any recommendations for people in the UK?
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(Both were/are great!)
Sorry.. no UK experience.
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adrianhon: I've used Coastal Contacts in the past to buy contacts in the UK. However, they are much more expensive to buy in the UK, so I tend to order them from the American site, to be delivered to my friend's house in Ohio and then collect them when I visit. If you have a friend in the US who'd be willing to collect them and ship them on to you (they're light so don't cost a lot to ship) you could save a lot of money.

Example : 20 boxes of 1-day Acuvue (10 per eye) cost £312.48 from the UK site. That's around $635. The same lenses on the US website are $495.
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you don't say what type of contacts you wear but does not carry rigid gas permeable lenses.
you can get them from and I haven't used either of these places but at least they carry RGPs.
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Nth 1800Contacts. I hadn't ordered from them in over a year and had changed addresses, and they were able to track down my prescription from last time I'd ordered. And it arrived very quickly even though I live in a remote area. Good service, good prices = happiness.
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I used Vision Direct thru to get mine. I was happy with it. It was way better priced than going thru my eye dr. and was about the same price as 1800contacts as I recall. I buy Focus Dailies, fwiw. It was trouble-free as well - I just told them who my optometrist was and apparently they dealt with the rest of it from there.
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N-nthing 1800contacts. I've never had a problem with them, fast shipping, they store your prescription, they send reminders when I need to order more (I use frequent replacement ones) and their prices are good.
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