Removing stubborn bush from rear subframe on car
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How do I remove stubborn rear subframe bushes on my 2003 MK3 Ford Mondeo?

I dont fancy using a blowtorch down there but any efforts with a sharp pointy tool are in vain as the old bush rubber pulls it back into place.
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You'd probably have much better luck with a bearing puller. There are many types and styles of bearing pullers, so you'll need to get one that can securely fasten to the subframe, while its screw mechanism (possibly augmented by appropriate diameter stacked fender washers) forces the bad bushings out.
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But not in that order. Scroll down, way wayyyy down.
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To sum it up: Remove rear sub frame (actually you're probably thinking control arm but I hate fords, so I have no idea). Light bushing on fire. Scrape out crud. Attack with sawzall/reciprocating saw of your choice, being careful not to cut too far. Hacksaws also work.
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